Welcome to gone.world. This is the home of sailing vessel Humpback and its crew: Dave, Charlotte, Arthur, Theo and Hector. We blog mostly about each place we visit and our passages between them. Sometimes, we also talk about other things like babies and children on board, boat-schooling and boat maintenance.

Great Harbor Cay, Berry Islands

Night entry to an easy and secure anchorage. Grocery shopping and a little exploration ashore and on the water, but just a quick stop.

Bimini to Berry Islands

An easy, peaceful 80Nm sail across Great Bahama Bank. The spinnaker had an outing, and we stopped at sunset. Lovely.

North Bimini, NE anchorage

Good shelter from Westerly winds and a wonderful beach at the entrance to a creek. Beach fires, creek crawling, good fun.

North Bimini, W anchorage

First anchorage in the Bahamas. Lots of playing on the beach, visiting Dolphin House, shopping and shipping.

Passage Belize to Bahamas

A beautiful passage, some nice sailing, too much motoring, mid-ocean swim, mahi mahi, and visiting birds.

5 Years! What’s been, what’s now and what’s next?

We reflect on 5 years onboard and discuss what might be next for sv Humpabck and her crew.

South West Cay again, Glovers Reef

Overnight stop and a quick snorkel in between some squally weather.

Middle Cay, Glovers Reef

Anchored in the shallow water not far from Middle Cay. Research institute and a short walking trail ashore.

Between some reefs, Glovers Reef

Stopped for a couple of hours with a reef right off the stern of the boat. Amazing coral, beautiful fish.

Southwest Cay, Glovers Reef

Relatively sheltered anchorage in 7′ of water, decent nearby snorkeling. Nice first stop this trip to Glovers!