North Bimini, NE anchorage

28-30 April 2023 (a little further south) and 2nd-3rd May (as marked)

We anchored in a couple of places along this coast – it’s VERY clear where the water transitions from c. 3m to <1m so pick your spot just outside that line. At the more southerly end of the anchorage we had a variety of wind directions and complete comfort. No wraparound swell from NE winds. Just a little wind chop from 20kt Southerlies (due to the shallows). And of course good shelter from strong Westerlies. Good spot for a variety of conditions, really. Both places had immediate secure holding.

The Northern creek, which doesn’t look like much on the charts, was a lot of fun. Charlotte and the kids spent an afternoon creek crawling while I worked, and saw… And the beach at the entrance was excellent. As the tide funnels in and out of the creek there’s a considerable current, which was awesome fun to swim in (mostly for the bigger two kids although Hector also had a go). And the beach, combined with nearby scrub and some driftwood, suggested fire to our boys. To be fair, many things suggest fire to them. So we had a fire and dinner on the beach. Same again on our second visit (for a single night before setting off to the Berry Islands the next morning). Would happily have spent more time around here, very nice indeed.

We also tried out the bigger creek further down the island. However, its a BIG old creek, more like a river, and while we saw a few turtles we didn’t find much by way of . Probably not helped by the conditions that day, as the Westerly winds were pretty strong so exploring the Western side of the creek was less fun.