Anse La Roche

4th to 6th  October 2019

Lovely spot. We were worried about space as a few people had warned that there’s only room for three or four boats. No idea why people are concerned about that – there were six in the bay at one point while we were there, and still room for a few more with reasonable shelter and spacing. In settled weather, I’d be happy with 8-10 other boats – the depth increases rapidly close to shore, the North side of the bay barely has any outlying rocks and with the exception of the obvious offlying rocks (Pelican-rocks) on the South side there’s plenty of space. You’ll be anchoring somewhere between 2 and 15m depth, and the bottom is uniformly sandy from our snorkelling.

The best of the snorkelling is around the pelican-rocks, and it really is quite good. Arthur had long visits with both Dave and Charlotte. Took a few photos, too, as you can see below. While Dave was on skype Charlotte and the boys went to the beach (as usual) to try and find the track that leads from this beach to another one through the forest. They couldn’t find it, so went back to sandy-play, but had a nice explore of the forest in any case. Lots to see in the area.

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