6th to 7th October 2019

This is our first anchorage protected from the prevailing weather only by a reef. Its somewhat cool to see the waves breaking on the reef, which barely pokes above the water (if at all, at high tide) 50m or so from the boat. We took one of the moorings, helped by Skipper, but there are a few boats anchored nearby and if we were staying for more than a night or two we would have moved. Not in the middle of the mooring field like a couple of boats (!), but there’s room inshore of the moorings and in a few other spots.

Customs and immigration was quick and easy at the airport, even on a Sunday (though there was a customary 50EC overtime charge). And, while a few ‘reviews’ of the area have had bad things to say about Skipper (one of the ‘boat boys’), he was great for us. Welcoming when we arrived, directed us straight to a well-maintained mooring and helped us tie up, was happy to wait to the next morning for cash. Offered to bring us some diesel, fill up our propane tanks and take away garbage, took no for an answer with a smile on his face, and didn’t try to overcharge. No complaints at all.

We are trying to arrange to drop off our old dinghy with a local, for another cruiser to take up to a 16-year-old who lives on St Vincent who wants to turn it into a little fishing boat for himself. No luck yet, but we’ll get there – and if not, we’ll be in St Vincent ourselves in a few weeks so he’ll get his dinghy!

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