Crossing the Atlantic – Day Two

From the forecast when we set off, it had looked like we could zoom down the Cape Verdes and get to the lower part of the trade wind belt before the trades built up to 25kt+. But as the forecast developed, it became clear that we wouldn’t be able to make it, so we changed course. An average of 25 knots of wind is perfectly safe, but on the open ocean comes with waves averaging 3 meters tall, on a short period (close together), which gets uncomfortable. So, we decided to take a more northerly route – the forecast suggested a couple of heavy-ish days followed by lighter winds in convenient directions, and was good for as long as we trust it, which is 5 days or so really, as after that reliability drops sharply. But all 4 forecasts we download on our Iridium looked good enough out to 14 days too, which factored into our decision. A little depressing to have made so much progress in what is now the wrong direction, but hey ho at least 60% of our distance covered so far was useful.

More proper food, all day. Cooked dinner, eaten at the table – it’s like being on land.

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