Crossing the Atlantic – Day Three

It was a little uncomfortable, especially for Arthur, broad-reaching in 20kt winds with some swells left over from higher winds further north. He had a sick morning, but by mid-afternoon was wolfing down food like normal and had two dinners (15 minutes after dinner he came up to the saloon with a pan and a tin of soup and said “can I have a snack?”). That change was probably partly acclimatisation, and partly because we decided to slow down a touch by over-reefing the sails – on a broad reach in decent wind the boat seems to sit more comfortably at about 6-7knots, even though we could sail at 10-12. Theo felt a touch off but wasn’t too bad at any point; me and Charlie both more or less OK unless we were down in a hull for too long. Hector was teething pretty badly, so we have not got a clue whether it’s the conditions or his teeth that caused his grumpiness!

Squalls in the night – heavy wind for 10 minutes, rain for 10 minutes, no wind at all for 10 minutes; repeat. Not conducive to allow me to sleep while making some progress – progress was made.

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