Crossing the Atlantic – Day One

We set off around lunchtime after a final fresh shop and an ice cream on shore. With the North-Easterly winds, we had a few hours to motor to get out of La Gomera’s wind shadow. After that, and through the night, we had comfortable and easy sailing conditions – enough wind to turn the engines off, but not generate much swell. The nice conditions, and our extensive time at anchor (in more swell!) meant we were able to eat proper food from the start of the passage which, in retropsect, set us up well!

Kids settled into passage routine immediately. Arthur set his bed up in the saloon – with towel and/or pan in case he felt sick. Theo sleeps with an adult and Hector in the family bed, as normal – but gets himself ready for bed and settles quickly. Both are far more independent than when we’re anchored. Love how they take responsibility for themselves like this. Its awesome.

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