Crossing the Atlantic – Day Four

Varied wind speeds so lots of reefing and un-reefing the sails and changing our sail plan a little. Kids had a good time playing with some modelling clay – made some nice pots with handles which might stand up to light use, as well as some other stuff. Then, they smeared it all over themselves as normal. Decorated the cockpit when they were cleaning off afterwards too, which was lovely!

Charlie decided she wanted more of the night sailing (and to let me sleep), so tried helming after the other two kids were asleep with Hector in the wrap. This worked really well, thankfully – we reefed the main conservatively beforehand, and she can handle reefing and controlling the jib with Hector in the wrap. He’s not settling well enough at the moment to sleep in the bed without mummy for long – hopefully this tooth will work its way through soon! But anyway, single-handing with a baby in the wrap is pretty cool, isn’t it?

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