Boiro, Ria de Arousa

6th to 9th October 2017

We intended to only stay one night here while the NE wind continued, but enjoyed it so much we stayed for three. Mainly, it was the beach, which the kids made the most of. Towards the Western end of the beach there’s also a wonderful playground – unfortunately the kids section was closed to ours were in the “larger kids” area – which was very good for our nerves. I’m getting quite good at catching Arthur when he drops from hanging at 10′ or so off the ground.

The anchor holding was excellent in sand, but that was after an aborted attempt to anchor a bit further to the West where we clearly felt the anchor dragging – it was vibrating as we were moving backwards, and Charlotte could feel it “skipping” along the ground. Second time around it set firmly. To be fair, looking closely at the chart, the Western side is marked with stone as much as with sand – the Eastern half of the beach looks clear.

On the second afternoon, we took a walk through the farming countryside taking the “longer” way to Boiro (from the East end of the beach), which was lovely – lots of smallholders harvesting their sweetcorn, a couple further advanced in the cycle already had cows on their ground (unfenced). But hot. So after shopping and a brief wander round the park, we took the shorter way back to the beach.

We have run out of water in the tanks we use for washing/bathing etc., but refuse to go to a marina yet on principle, so have got into the habit of emptying our jerry cans into the tanks before we get into the dinghy, then taking them with us to fill up at one of the public taps which everywhere in Spain seems to have in abundance. That should keep us going through to Vigo/Baiona.

Another highlight was a visit by dolphins, while we were in the dinghy on the way back to the boat. Theo kept shouting “closer to Theebs” and the dolphins seemed inclined to agree. They were not in touching distance, but were jumping and playing close by, and it was stunning. No photos of that as we were busy enjoying it.

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