Ribeira, Ria de Arousa

5th to 6th and 9th to 10th October 2017

We arrived off Ribeira late in the afternoon on the 5th, and spent a semi-comfortable night at the anchorage – every now and then the boat rocked a bit (irregularly/much) which disturbed our sleep somewhat. Holding was good, right off the beach in about 6m of water, but the NE wind funnelled around the bay and brought up a chop, which was what we attributed the occasional discomfort to.

Given the forecast was for 20 knots or so from the NE the following night, we decided to move to a more sheltered spot the following evening. During the day, while Arthur and I played on the beach, Charlotte and Theo took a walk through the town and among other things discovered a Hyper Gadis (akin to a large UK supermarket). Nice day, but then we were off further up the Ria.

The Hyper Gadis was one of the reasons we returned for a second visit as a stopping-off point before moving over to the Atlantic Islands National Park. There are no shops on the national park, where we intended to spend a few days, plus we had not “stocked up” for some time so the cupboards were starting to look a little empty. Gadis was great for re-stocking on nearly everything. But the anchorage was, despite the absence of wind/chop, uncomfortable again. I am pretty sure this was actually due to the fishing boats which use the harbour, even though we anchored some distance away, so can’t recommend the anchorage particularly highly…

No pictures, sorry to say!

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