2nd to 4th October 2017

After a sail around Cape Finisterre in which we didn’t get to see the Cape, or much else more than 50m from the boat due to fog, the Sun emerged when we were on our way into Ria de Muros, and the temperature went straight up into the mid 20s which isn’t too shabby for the start of October. On the way up to Muros we passed a few fishing boats which seemed to be purse seine fishing, which was both a navigational hazard for us (from a distance a circling fishing boat with obvious gear protruding from the back is something I don’t like to see!) but close up it was also enjoyable for the kids. And innumerable lobster pots marked, as ever, with very little indeed. I am glad that the fog lifted before we entered the Ria.

We anchored as close to shore as we dared, and it turned out that we guessed about right, as at low tide if the wind is pushing us in-shore we can see the sand-bar which runs across the bay right underneath our stern. Within a few minutes of anchoring we again had a visitor by dinghy, this time a guy named Bob who has spent his summers cruising the Ria’s around here for the past five or six years. He was a font of information for the local area, to say the least – although the other anchorage he suggested for us will not, at his request, see the light of day on the blog!

The few days we spent in Muros were spent doing what we now consider “normal” things, basically – washing, boat maintenance, trying to get the most out of the solar panels, shopping, playgrounds, beaches. That kind of thing.