El Golfete Revisited

21st to 23rd May 2022

Moved halfway to the sea, filling with diesel on the way (the first time we have filled the tanks up since the Dominican Republic). Only Dave had been under the bridge on the boat before- it felt a bit close for comfort, even though we obviously fit and with room to spare!

Lovely walk in the nature park we visited when we first arrived in the Rio. 20Q per adult, and the guide Oscar said we could pay what we liked for the children – we paid full price. Oscar also showed Arthur how to crack small land crabs open to use as bait; a useful skill for a pescador like Arthur. The walk itself is a lovely short trail through the forest, a few labelled trees, but mostly just an opportunity to easily walk through relatively undisturbed rainforest. Plus, observe a few huge leaf cutter ant nests, and we love the leaf cutters.

Nights here are incredibly peaceful, making us realize how noisy it had been around Fronteras. We swam, the boys made rafts, and we generally enjoyed the space and peace. Evenings were mostly spent watching the fishermen spearfishing off the nearby private island or setting their nets, and relaxing.

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