Providenciales to Jamaica

3rd to 5th June 2021

The plan was to leave at 7am, but that didn’t quite happen as the kids woke up ravenous and we took a little while to stow things away properly before what looked like it could be a fast sail once we got around the corner of Providenciales. One forecast looked a little rough for the evening, so we secured things properly rather than doing the otherwise less-than-careful job when we can get away with it.

Left around 10. It was actually a lovely sail. The winds and seas were reasonable and we’d become accustomed to the movement by the evening. So while the seas did pick up a bit once we got out of the shelter of the island, with the wind on the beam all that happened is we went faster for a time. No discomfort, lots of “boom” waves for the kids to enjoy. Managed to squeeze in a proper dinner before the waves picked up, too.

The following day was calmer, wind still on the beam, lovely. Read all of our new books. Chilled a lot. Enjoyed being at sea again. Played a lot of chess, and manbaged not to lose too many pieces overboard too.

Approaching the gap between Cuba and Haiti we were treated to some wonderful lightning storms.

One chased us for some distance the following morning. As it was headed directly towards us, and active (including fork lightning), we put all the electronics in the oven just-in-case, and changed course a touch – towards a diferent part of Jamaica, which looked to be the best option. It probably wasn’t a necessary change, but assuaged our concerns and the storm never caught us up – fortunately, we were sailing fairly rapidly at the time.

We were treated to some wonderful sunsets too!

Here’s the kids on the sail:

“Very smooth sail, but no fish.” Arthur

“Quite a nice sail. Not too rocky. But we had no fish.” Theo

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