near Turtle Cove, Providenciales

2nd to 3rd June, 2021

Due to our defective dinghy battery we moved the boat to anchor just outside Turtle Cove Marina- well, around the corner, to save going through what looked like a very narrow passage between the coral. We were intending to leave early the next morning and navigating it into the morning sun would not have been fun.

Long, long wait for immigration (who were supposed to come to the office at the marina after being called). Eventually, because we wanted to leave early the next morning, the officer asked us to just leave our exit cards with the office. After completing the paperwork, we went shopping, and later spent some time checking out the charts.

We were still not entirely sure we would be allowed into Jamaica (which was technically closed to ocean passenger traffic at the time). So we bought enough food to sail straight to Guatemala, in case that was necessary. And, on seeing a wonderful book shop opposite the supermarket, we bought a couple of new books for the sail, too.

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