Long Cay, off South Caicos

1st to 5th May 2021

This is a beautiful anchorage, situated between the uninhabited island (Long Cay) and a shallow reef. Plenty of room for a few boats but we were the only ones there through our brief stay. Long Cay is a couple of miles long, and a nature reserve.

We enjoyed a walk or two on the island. It’s a very interesting landscape, split between relatively green but windswept areas (which reminded us of upland England) and the rocky, wave-battered coast facing the ocean.

Particularly notable for its rock iguanas, which were re-introduced after becoming extinct. There are now hundreds of them – they’re relatively skittish but as long as your kids don’t rampage towards them you can get close enough to see them nicely.

In the water, there was plenty to see, too. We collected a few creatures off the beach to look at – many urchins, starfish, conch and others. And saw more rays – this time of the roughtail variety. Arthur managed to swim with one, and watch it feed, for quite a while. He can now do quite a reasonable impression of a ray.

A short dinghy ride away is a reef called “Admirals Aquarium” which was “better than any other” Arthur has seen before. The current was pretty fierce both times we visited – the first, Theo and Hector struggled. The second, Charlotte took Arthur alone – they managed well enough to have fun, but were not there for long. Perhaps we’d have been better timing it for when the tide switches.

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