Salt Cay

25th to 27th April 2021

It took us a couple of attempts to find a sandy patch in which to set the anchor. Our first go ended up being over some very thin sand and the anchor failed to dig in (I dived to check). With some help from the children, we found a sufficiently large sandy spot, dropped the anchor and settled in for the evening. That evening, all four boys went for a little troll in the dinghy hoping to catch some fish for dinner. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful. And Theo’s line went missing.

The next morning, we went into the dock to have a brief explore. The kids enjoyed seeing the donkeys in the road and the playground, which is not far from the dock area at all. But we were all feeling a little bit tired, so we returned to the boat and had a relaxed afternoon. The next morning, we needed to sail over to Cockburn Harbour, which offers more shelter in the heavier northeasterly winds which were forecast a day later. I’m fairly sure that the swell from northeasterly winds would wrap around into Salt Cay quite significantly, and as we didn’t know the depth of the sand, staying there was not a sensible option.

It would have been good to explore this island further, and I think we are all finding it less fun moving around so quickly after a year stationary, especially the kids. I think we will slow things down a bit and make sure we will really benefit from moving on, even if staying in one place means skipping other great things!

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