Spanish Town

23rd to 25th February 2020

Anchored well off the reef, which in light winds was lovely with plenty of room around us, crystal clear water and excellent conditions for teaching kids to swim, apart from when the ferry-wake washed over us all. Some swell wrapping round from the North which made for an entertaining dinghy ride into the marina (we put life jackets on all of the children for once), and created some awesome crashy-waves on the reef, but we were comfortable enough at anchor and able to get to shore in any case. The shop does pick up and drop off from the marina which would save you a fair walk. And there’s a playground (take the road “up” across from the marina, walk 10 minutes slightly uphill).

There were SO MANY charter boats here. Crazy. Worth noting that there is plenty of space to anchor inside the reef if you go through the small boats channel (well-marked) but, I’d suggest, not in a large swell. Didn’t look tenable for most of the time we were there.

The beach 15 minutes dinghy ride to the South was spectacular, and good for some geological discussion while climbing up the rocks. Theo didn’t like the idea that the rocks cracked in two at times! Lots of interesting geology to look at here, actually. The swell was too large to land on the beaches for most of our time there, and we had to move on to the Dominican Republic before some nasty weather set in, so we didn’t end up visiting the baths or the other fun things. They’re on the list for next time.

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