2nd to 3rd November 2019

Very short as we’re months behind so just want to write something to get up to date.

Pirates of the Caribbean scene, with plenty of memorabilia. Very fun museum, especially if your kids like the idea of pirates. They were not so keen on the caskets. Anyway. Customs in the hotel, when there’s someone around (there wasn’t, when we got there to check out). We took a mooring and had one of the locals tie our stern up to what remains of the peer; a couple of other boats were anchored with a line ashore. There’s basically no wind in here and it is deep for the space, so without stern lines you would end up colliding with the other boats nearby (as a new arrival in the night very nearly found out).

Great waterfall a short walk up the road (turn left as you leave the waterfront area, walk for 20 minutes or so), even if some local teenagers were shampooing themselves there during our visit! Nice beachfront. Bevvy of locals offering fruit, ice, fish, lobsters. All obviously short of money, but more than appreciative of reasonable negotiations plus gifts (some shoes that no longer fit our kids, for instance). I’m guessing that, like elsewhere, reports of “boat boys” being aggressive are more indicative of the attitude the reporter takes to the conversation than the locals involved. These guys were cool.

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