Frigate Island

10th to 11th October 2019

Anchored just outside the mooring buoys in a little under 3m of water. Crystal clear water so we could find a sandy patch easily enough – there’s plenty of seagrass around which we wanted to avoid disturbing as much as possible. Lots of turtles, starfish and other sea creatures around which is nice – including the largest ray we have seen. But also, lots and lots of mosquitoes which is not so nice. The worst we have had for quite some time, actually. Even I got a few bites, and that rarely happens. Generally Charlotte gets the worst of the bites, Theo and Arthur a fair few, and I’m unscathed. If it wasn’t for the plethora of biting monsters we would have stayed for a couple of days, as the area was beautiful. As it was, we got our shopping done and left the next day!

Our other job was to dispose of our old dinghy which we did by tying it onto another boat at the mooring. Which we hope was owned by the uncle of the guy from St Vincent who wants it! We also hope that the dinghy didn’t sink in between us leaving it there and the uncle returning to his boat – it was barely holding air in one chamber… Anyway the water is shallow there so they’d be able to haul it up from the bottom and get it onto deck if needed. We know that because we half-sank it when putting it back in the water, and Charlotte managed to winch it up while holding Hector – amazing what you can do with a winch.

The town feels like a local community, much less tourist-orientated than most places we have seen lately. Decent shopping among the few supermarkets and the fresh food stall Charlotte came across was good – it even has cucumbers which are a delicacy on our boat. Hector could eat them all day long. And watermelon which always makes a great snack.

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