Ronde Island

26th September to 30th September 2019

We anchored in the southern section of the anchorage, off the small beach. Lots of people use this as a stop over (coincidentally, a boat-family we know anchored in front of us on our first night, for a sleep on their way to Grenada). But we like it here so stayed for a couple of days.

The beach is generally accessible by dinghy – but with our little ones we swam over the first time. Arthur and Dave went themselves, then Hector got in his swim-a-ding and started to kick for shore. Theo didn’t need much persuading to follow on his pool noodle. Other times we anchored the dinghy just off the beach (in standing depth for the adults). The surge on the beach, even in a small swell, makes landing uncomfortable for us. With a larger swell, as we had on our third day there, it’s less accessible – although Arthur and Dave swam over perfectly happily to bash around in the waves. Most of the breakers at the shoreline were under 6’. Most. With older kids we would have waited for a gap in the waves and taken the dinghy, but with the little ones the consequences of getting it wrong keep us away from shore in those conditions.

We’re enjoying our boat cover, which keeps the interior significantly cooler than previously and means the kids get a lot more time outside than they have done recently. Much chalk-drawing on deck was done, including some excellent Mahi-Mahi families. The kids seem more relaxed again, which always seems to happen when we hit these quiet, uninhabited bays, and its lovely. Also, the Milky Way was looking awesome at night, we saw many a shooting star and something burn up further down in the atmosphere too. LOVE the night sky looking like it should do, with minimal light pollution.

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