Jolly Harbour, Antigua to Cocoa Bay, Barbuda

10th May 2019

Not a bad passage. True wind slightly forward of the beam, which is as close to close-hauled as we intend to get in the near future. Made reasonable time but due to the wind angle and a little swell between the islands nothing speedy to report. On the way we saw a ship, loaded with yachts. We knew this happened from people we had spoken to in the marina, but to see what looked like a small bulk carrier with a dozen or so yachts on top of it (masts up) was pretty amazing.

Then between the islands, first dolphins, then whales! WHALES! Very excited children and adults. And as we progressed towards Barbuda we saw a rather large turtle, too. So, from a wildlife point of view it was an excellent trip. No photos as we were busy watching.

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