16th to 24th April 2019

Anchored on the other side of the channel from the marina, for a better view of the container ship port (which is surprisingly active, I think it must be the feeder port for the area). Lovely little beach – not the one with the “no entry” signs (roundly ignored by French speakers), but just a little further around towards the sea, as it gets very shallow there’s another beach. Lovely and peaceful, lots of wildlife (fish, rays, crabs). A nice spot, even if the beach is a bit “short” at high tide there’s space to sit under/in the trees behind it.

Dinghy dock in the marina (right next to the office building), where customs can be completed. If you can refer to filling out a short document on the PC and paying the receptionist a few euros “customs”! On site restaurants, bins (including plastic and paper recycling), and a supermarket (expensive but a reasonable selection).

Aquarium is about a 10-minute walk from the dinghy dock, probably not worth the money but everything on the French islands is expensive, so par for the course. Good enough for an enjoyable few hours, especially for the kids (who love aquariums).

I had a lot of work on this week, so we tested out how 35 hours of paid-work in a week works for us. It would probably be easier somewhere Charlotte and the boys could spend time ashore more easily (there really wasn’t much to do within a short walk of the marina), but it was manageable. Not something we’ll do regularly, though.

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