Petite Anse near Deshaies

25th April to 27th April 2019

We were on our way to Deshaies, and on the way up Charlotte looked at Navily which mentioned a small bay a few miles South that was much quieter. As we had a reasonable amount of food on board, and fancied a bit of peace and quiet, we went to check it out. The moment we saw it we decided to stay – only three other boats in a small, sheltered bay with a beautiful beach at one end and reefs on both sides. Bliss. The fact one of the boats left in short order and the other two left the next morning, so we ended up with the bay to ourselves, was even better.

The beach was lovely, and the wildlife in general was great, too. Unfortunately, we had to leave as there was a good day to get up to Antigua (with more Northerly winds forecast over the following days). We will return, after visiting Antigua and Barbuda, on a full moon if we can on the way back down, as the beach is used by turtles for breeding and seeing the hatchlings would be awesome. Oh yeah, I’m casually talking about “on the way back down” as we have pretty much decided that we are not going back to the UK.

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