Crossing the Atlantic – Day Ten

Baked a carrot cake in the morning – belated birthday cake for Dave, as well as a general celebration of being at sea as we were all feeling particularly content. It was scrumptious.

Sailed most of the day in light winds, we even got the spinnaker out on a broad reach for a while which was fun and, when someone was on the helm, worked very well with the main; but the swells were adjusting the apparent wind too much to leave both sails up when the autopilot was in control.

We had a few hours of flat calm in the middle of the day, and had the engine on for a while. After lunch Arthur reminded us that I had said I wanted a swim. So, we stopped the engines and had a swim! The waters were the clearest we have ever swum in, warm enough to be more than comfortable, and it was generally awesome to be swimming in water somewhere between 5000 and 6000 meters deep. While we were stopped we grabbed some kelp that was drifting past and investigated a small jellyfish.

Wind came back, more light-wind sailing them put in a reef for the night.

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