Crossing the Atlantic – Day Eleven

Didn’t really do a lot, apart from play-dough etc. for the kids. Spent most of the day with extra reefs in both the main and jib to slow us down slightly, as the 20-25kt winds had built up an annoyingly lumpy sea and when at 7kt+ on a broad reach the boat was banging about quite a bit. All feeling a touch under the weather as a result of that.

Weather moderated in the night after a few substantial gusts, but the boat was still hit by the tops of several large swells – a couple of books fell off the bookshelf, things got jangled around a bit, and our cuppas spilt a few times. Terrible, but I’m also laughing inside at how much we are getting used to the stability and flatness of catamaran sailing. Hector slept in the wrap while Charlie took the first few hours of night-watch, which is becoming something of a routine as the conditions have settled down again.

No photos I’m afraid!

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