Crossing the Atlantic – Day Seventeen

More pleasant sailing – the trades have moved North, and we have moved South, so we’re now “trade wind sailing”. Apart from swapping the main from side to side to catch the wind without changing our course, and reefing/un-reefing the jib when squalls hit and pass, we have done nothing to the sail setup in three days. Good stuff, and another 140Nm or so under our belt.

Cooked a quiche with Vegg egg replacer, which was delicious. Thanks to Valle Gran Rey and the vegan community there, as we have never got on with egg replacer before. Charlotte will have to write something about provisioning, as she’s done a great job of ensuring we have a varied and healthy diet through the past couple of weeks – and we are yet to feel the absence of the few things we have run out of.

More domestic goodness – at this rate we will be in better order when we arrive than we were when we left. And we have NEVER said that before following a passage.

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