10th December 2017 to 9th February 2018

We are nestled in the Marina Parque das Nações, on the main transport routes into Lisbon itself and within a redeveloped waterfront area. It’s lovely, and we’ll be here for a month at least through Christmas and the New Year.

After a day at the aquarium on the waterfront, Arthur was getting settled in bed and said he was looking forward to “fishies dancing in his head” while he slept.

That’s all Dave wrote in a document titled “updates” which he intended to update regularly while we were sat in the marina at Lisbon. So, in the interest of actually updating this blog we’ll just upload some photos for now and maybe Charlotte will get around to adding some text one day in the future.

Short version: we spent two months here, which was too long. It’s a beautiful city and very well-located marina but we are just not city folk. The playground close to the marina was an excellent place for the boys to meet other children and race around, and there were plenty of “things to do” both nearby and more widely in the city. But in the end they were both impatient for beaches, freedom, dirt and digging. We managed, eventually, to secure nearly all of the deliveries for our new fridge/freezer, renovation of the saloon and what will be bedroom-for-5, and left during the first weather window for our next passage South in February.

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