Duoro (Porto)

22nd October to 26th November 2017

After being in Duoro Marina for a few days, enjoying the free bread in the morning and the relative peace and quiet just a short “hop” on public transport away from the hustle of Porto, we decided to stick around for a while. The marina does a wonderful deal for a monthly stay on the pontoon, which will allow us to make some easy progress on boat jobs while being within a short walk of a beach, a shortish walk of a nature reserve, and a ferry/bus ride to town. Restaurants/shops within walking distance. All good 🙂

We may or may not update this post to add some more detail, as some of the places we visited were excellent fun, and worth reviewing for our memory and readers. We left in the first weather window after 18 November, to move to Aveiro and then “hop” around to Lisbon, spending time in the places of and when the weather allows. Below some of the many photos we took:

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