26th to 28th July 2017

We decided to divert to Lowestoft on the way to Tollesbury from Wells- the journey from Wells was our first night sail, and by morning we were all feeling a little unwell and needed some rest.

We opted for Lowestoft Haven, a marina some way down the river towards the Oulton Broads. It took some time for us to gain access to the river as the bridge lifts to allow boats through at specific times, but on arrival at the marina the residents from neighbouring boats were extremely helpful with mooring, and one gentleman even offered to get us some essentials from the supermarket.

As Dave was feeling particularly tired from doing much of the night sail alone, I took the boys to the park. I would say that the location of the marina is a little isolated for families with young children, unless you have a car or bikes (folding bikes are top of our wish list!)- apart from a small, though well stocked corner shop, most other shops and facilities were a distance away. The beach was a bus ride and walk away, and in retrospect, since we were only staying temporarily we might have been better staying in the marina in the outer harbour, which was closer to the town and sea front.

The park we visited was well worth the walk (though Arthur was exhausted on the journey home!)- clean, with varied gardens/landscapes and a large playground. There was also a small fairground-like area with bouncy castles and small stalls for snacks/ice-creams, which of course we had to sample! Arthur and Theo particularly enjoyed the tall, spiraling slide, though at one point Arthur did stand at the top of this and strip off!

Below a few photos we took.

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