Key Worm Eel

We have found one of these eels, which we believe to be a Key Worm Eel from an internet search- it is one of the only species we have found that doesn’t appear to be in our identification guides. The eel was swimming in the shallows on the shore of creature beach’; the tide had been especially low and was just on the rise, perhaps 1 foot deep. The eel was a tan-green colour, camouflaging well with the substrate and sea grass in the area. It was perhaps 2 feet in length, but moved quickly and was easily lost, so difficult to be sure of features.

Usually found singly hiding around rubble, sand or sea grass during the day. Nocturnal, feeding on crustaceans and small fish. Sometimes bury themselves in the substrate with only heads visible. Thin, snake-like body, with small dorsal fin.