Chain Moray Eel 

We have seen two chain morays. The first, and biggest, was ensconced in a rock, almost completely out of the water. Its head was sticking out of the rock, perhaps searching for passing prey. The second, smaller eel was weaving amongst rubble and rock in about 3 inches of water. The larger was about 2 feet long, the smaller about 1 foot. Both had the distinctive markings, and were not nervous about our interest until we got very close.

Can be found in clear water reefs and rocky shores, often hiding during the day. Heads may be seen extending from openings, but usually forage at night. There main source of food is crabs, which they crush with blunt teeth. May appear threatening as they repeatedly open and close their mouths, but this is necessary for respiration. They typically grow to about 2.5 feet, and can survive up to half and hour out of water.