Lagoon Cay

23rd to 26th July 2022

We would have made it into the inner lagoon had we tried, but we didn’t. Plenty of the bar offers 4’ depth with only soft coral above (best avoided, of course, but passable). However, when we were anchoring, the water wasn’t that clear as the wind was gusting, so we anchored in 8-9’ outside the lagoon.

Protection inside would be amazing – the mangroves are substantial enough to block the worst of the wind, as we found while dinghying around, and there was no swell whatsoever in a 30kt easterly. There would be protection from any angle of wind, too. Good to know.

30 knot winds are apparently now a suitable weather condition for the bigger kids to play in the water. Hector even had a go with a board fender and a daddy to tow him up to the bow a couple of times.

Arthur loves fishing sitting in the mangroves. There’s no walkable shoreline, and nothing ashore at the moment as the owners have not yet sold it for the $2m asking price – apparently, it’ll be developed, with sand infill over the majority of the island (destroying the environment which allows the mangroves to hold the island together; I’m sure that’ll go well in the long term).

Charlotte and Theo had a snorkel around on the coral. Fairly sparse compared to most of the places we’ve visited, but pretty.

On the way from here to Hatchett we thought we were passing close to a log (prompting loud calls of “log aside”); turned out to be two manatees. And caught a beautiful kingfish.

We visited again on 15th August, and left some time after that to get to Placencia and check out (booo). Didn’t take any notes. Did take photos