South Long Coco

1st June 2022

It took us a while to anchor here, as our track on Navionics showed. It was difficult to find a shallow patch free enough from coral heads for us to feel comfortable, and the sandy/sea grass patches were too deep. As it happened, after we dropped anchored and scouted by dinghy, we probably had more choice closer in to shore than we thought as the coral thinned out among the seagrass. A lesson for next time.

The shore we tried had a small, narrow beach which was mostly coral rubble. The boys found plenty of snails and such in the shallows, but we later found a small sandy beach further along the shore that we all preferred. This was also a good spot for Hector to practice his swimming as there was a sandy, shallow patch of water by the shore. There is a lagoon towards the South end of the island, and we think a small development of houses sat in this area, but having only the day we didn’t explore.

Snorkeling was good, numerous small patches of reef running parallel to much of the shoreline. We took out the paddleboard as a base to explore from, and so that one adult could take Hector to the beach separately- he isn’t keen on snorkeling, and usually wants to play in the sand or swim. yet, maybe because none of the masks we have is to his liking!

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