Punta Gorda

25th May 2022

Check-in took… a while. But was an easy enough process with all the offices in one building.

We didn’t have enough Belize dollars or USD on us for all of the fees (which totaled USD$360 or so for 30 days), but there’s an ATM a short walk away. And a phone shop a short walk in the other direction along the main road for me to pick up a local SIM card.

By the time we had finished, the wind had started to pick up which was far from ideal. Given the anchorage was totally exposed to the wind direction, we chose to move the short distance to the Moho Cays, rather than stick around here for the night. Not an especially comfortable sail but we got there, and despite not packing things away properly nothing was broken down below. If sailing, watch out for the numerous large logs in the water around Belize – we saw a number this journey, including one that turned out to be a dolphin playing by the bow!

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