Ocho Rios to Tres Puntas

We’re finally catching up with the blog about a year after this passage, so, going on our brief notes, we can tell you that:

We caught (and lost) fish.

There were storms en route.

The kids were Really settled- Dave and I even managed to play many games of Mancala on deck, uninterrupted.

It was a lovely downwind sail, very peaceful. Motoring in the lee of Jamaica, but mostly ghosting along, and we even had the spinnaker out for a while.

Arrived in a thunderstorm- props weren’t pitched quite right, so were making almost no progress against the wind and swell at one point. Glad it was only for a short stretch!

We Saw an amazing pod of dolphins, who spent a long spell playing at the bow, and what we think were pilot whales too.

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