Frigate Bay

30th January to 5th February 2020

We enjoyed it here. Anchored just outside the mooring buoys, in a little swell but not too much. The bay is quiet apart from when there are cruise ships in town when it becomes a hive of activity. Prices at the restaurants reflect the fact the cruise ships come in – far from “local” – but the location was good. Not much shade on the beach through the middle of the day, which is worth knowing if you have little ones. A short walk away was the Atlantic coast, with much more fun waves for crashing into and plenty of lobster-shells and detritus for making things with. The kids built a wonderful tree decorated with lobster parts. Much fun.

Excellent shop a short walk away, as is a taxi rank if you want tours or anything else. Its about an hour’s walk to town for clearing out, unless a local who had been fishing on the dock drops their plans to take you into town as happened to Charlotte (funny how Charlotte gets lifts everywhere from local men – yet they never offer me one… hmmm).

Considering the number of bars on the beach at Frigate Bay, evenings were relatively quiet with the exception of Friday which continued to 4am or so. Nothing seems loud to us after the Grenada carnival, but there was audible music and a good atmosphere.

Saw our cruising friends from Charlestown again, they arrived a couple of days after us having stayed elsewhere on Nevis. Arthur and Theo both feel at home with them holding hands etc. and taking care of their two-year-old daughter. Nice to see their nurturing side.

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