Jolly Harbor Marina

3rd to 21st January 2020

Moved into the marina to do some work on the boat and enjoy land access. Made it easier to see Nana G and Shaun, and then to do a few jobs on the boat (notice a theme about our marina visits?). New opening windows on the port side which look pretty damn good. Unfortunately, Dave ordered the wrong size, so we’re left with slightly dodgy paintwork where he’s had to infill and hand paint. But it looks OK and will be great after a spray-coat at some stage in the dim future. And, this is the important bit, the windows open 😊.

In addition our netting is back on the rails. The larger boys, of course, walk around the outside of the netting which had our neighbours chuckling. But, it keeps Hector ON the boat which means we’ll let him outside without his life jacket for a while longer!

As we left the marina, an engine stopped on the way out which was a shame as it was a very smooth exit. Fortunately, the engine that stopped was on the starboard side, and we were turning right – if the other engine had failed it may have got… messy. Cause of the stop was a rope that Hector had left dangling over the stern. Bad baby. Well, bad mum and dad for not checking actually, but we’ll pretend to blame the baby.

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