Rodney Bay Anchorage

3rd to 20th December 2019

Very short as we’re months behind so just want to write something to get up to date.

Saw everyone arriving having done the ARC (group sailing across the Atlantic). Accidentally deflated a couple of post-crossing bubbles by mentioning we did the same thing last February with nobody around us and three kids on board. Felt a bit guilty but they did ask 😉.

Charlotte and the boys made three visits to Pigeon Island while we were anchored out, once with another boat family we first met in the Canary Islands and also spent some time with in Grenada. Such a beautiful spot with varied activities- sheltered sandy beach, rugged Atlantic coast, hill walks, forts to explore, nature to discover. And the admission price is reasonable too. We’re big fans of pigeon island.

Spent a few days tied alongside the boatyard dock, too, while we had our new bimini put on. So much shade, so much solar – why did we not do this two years ago? Oh yeah, the price!

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