South of Soufriere

27th to 28th July 2019

We borrowed a mooring in a small bay south of Soufriere that is not marked as an anchorage on any charts – the owner was in the marina with us and enjoyed our children’s’ antics, I think. Consequently, apart from local fisherman we had the place to ourselves. And it was just beautiful. One of our favorite places, even if we were only here for a night!

We could only stay one night as we had already checked-out of the country with customs, which is a shame. We will visit again if the owner is not present on his boat, and if he is then we may try to anchor nearby – there looked to be one or two spots in the bay that were not claimed by local moorings.

ps: even if you look carefully, you won’t be able to tell which one of the moorings is yacht-suitable and which are for fishing dinghes in settled weather only.

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