28th May to 30th May 2019

Listen carefully to the warnings every cruising guide mentions about the wind. We had wind from every direction over the course of our short stay, despite the offshore winds being consistent in direction. Nothing too heavy, but due to the inconsistency we still swung all over. Another boat which had left less room around it ended up colliding with a neighbour when they went in opposite directions (gently, and thankfully with a dinghy conveniently between them.!.). Holding seemed good where we were towards the North of the bay, well out from the mooring area, in 8m or so of water.

Our brief visit was a mixed bag. On the plus side – check in at customs was as easy as ever in the French islands, and a man popped over from another boat to give us bananas. He explained: “I have too many bananas, you have too many boys”. They were tasty.

On the down side – this was the first place in the Caribbean that Charlotte has felt uncomfortable walking about on her own. She had several people pestering her for money, one so persistently that she didn’t want to show him which of the dinghies at the dock was hers. And, she had her purse stolen. Thankfully, only with cash in. She didn’t enjoy her short trip to customs and the bakery (even though the bakery was quite good).

Kids swam. A lot. Then swam some more. And looked for ‘kelp crabs’.

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