7th to 12th March 2019

Watch out for the unmarked “security channel” used by the watersports people at the East end of the beach – it runs from the dinghy dock to two buoys located to the right as you look at it, straight out to sea. We were on shore when a watersports instructor asked us to move, and said we would do so later when Hector had woken from his nap and the kids had played on the beach – moving wasn’t an issue as getting away from the jetskis was on our agenda anyway (swimming next to the boat is not safe with jetskis around). The instructor wasn’t particularly keen on that response and called the maritime police! They spoke to me and suggested we should move when convenient but didn’t tell us to move immediately, or give any sense of urgency, as the marking of the channel was *French shrug*. Unsurprisingly, for those of you who know the reputation of French cruisers, the French boat anchored next to us simply refused to move and sat there merrily for days.

Lots of bars and restaurants on the beach, and a reasonable supermarket a very short walk from the Ferry dock (you can leave your dinghy near the root of it with no problem). We spent a couple of days playing on the beach, catching up on a few boat-jobs, and chilling.

If you take the dinghy half a mile or so to the East of the bay, there’s a small beach with a couple of houses next to it. It’s lovely, and located on a walking trail which would have been great fun, had we brought shoes, clothes, or a snack with us in the dinghy. As it was, Arthur and I explored a few hundred meters before I persuaded him to return to the beach (he’d left to explore on his own, with no shoes). It’s exposed on that beach so re-launching the dinghy with Charlotte carrying Hector in the wrap was entertaining.

In other news I had my first couple of jobs freelancing. My first client, by coincidence, was somebody who co-authored a book entitled Knowledge Nomads and the nervously employed: workplace change and courageous career choices. I find that hugely amusing.

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