Pasito Blanco

13th to 20th August 2018

One of the busiest anchorages we have been to in the Canaries – especially in the daytime, when space near the marina is very tight, but there are also a few boats resident throughout our visit, and more anchored over the weekend. This led to our first noonsite contribution as the anchorage hadn’t been mentioned there! It’s a sheltered anchorage when the trades are set in, but completely open to the South, and we wouldn’t want to be here (or anywhere near the entrance in the marina) in the unusual event of an Easterly wind/swell. It was actually a little too sheltered for us – the afternoons were very warm without much of a breeze.

For cruisers: you can tie a dinghy up at the fuel pontoon for a short visit to the supermarket (turn right as you exit the yard and walk 50m). There is also water on the fuel pontoon, but we were advised it was non-potable. Dave tested it and the total dissolved solids were low which suggested it wasn’t solids-contaminated, and he drank some with no apparent ill effects which suggests that it was relatively bacteria-free, but we still bought bottled water for regular drinking/cooking.

While we were here it was so settled in the anchorage that we didn’t actually visit the beach! Instead we swam around the boat, a lot – 4 times a day was probably an average. Lots of new games are being invented, some of which dog owners would recognise (“fetch the ball Arthur”) others of which might be more commonly seem among chimpanzees (“slide down the anchor bridle, Arthur/Theo”). We are all having lots of fun swimming. I (Dave) particularly enjoyed watching Charlotte, Arthur and Theo swim over to visit “Jacob’s boat” which was anchored nearby – there were a few kid-boats around actually which was nice for the kids. Every time he gets in the water now Theo wants to either swim to another boat or the rocky-area adjacent to where we were anchored.

We didn’t explore on-shore, at all. Too busy swimming and reading and planning.

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