Puerto Calero

24th April – 29th June 2018

The marina is well equipped, with helpful staff and well-sheltered from prevailing winds.

Had a baby, did some other things, complained about being in a marina for so long. Spent a couple of weeks in a villa, Arthur learnt to swim. Much cycling was done. Car rented, as there is little to do within walking distance of the marina (unless you like and can afford to sit in the cafes/restaurants on the front).

It was not our kind of place, but it suited its purpose of giving us somewhere safe to be while we awaited Hector’s arrival and settled into having three kids. A bonus was the kids making a good friend in Aramis – the 5 year old son of a man who lived on the boat next door. Aramis and Arthur, the first time they spent time together, raced on the pontoons, around their boat, and then as they got tired fought rather vociferously – leaving a print of the non-slip from their boat on Arthur’s forehead for several days. The next morning, we took breakfast over to their boat then Arthur and Aramis disappeared onto ours – I looked in on them half an hour later and they were creating something out of lego. A peaceful day of playing/building/clay-art ensued. All good fun.

Charlotte might write more about our time here and the arrival of Hector (in an hour and a half immediately after the other two kids had gone to sleep one evening) at some point. In the meantime, many photos are below…

And while we had the car we took a few trips across Lanzarote.


El Golfo (Green Lake):

Puerto del Carmen:

We also stayed in Puerto Calero for one night – 11th to 12th July 2018

Here again. We spent just under 24 hours here to catch up with a friend who has been having a tough time lately, fill our water tanks, pick up some paint thinners we had ordered, drop off rubbish, do some laundry, and so on. Fitting that into a day, when the kids are excited by the thought of pontoon racing, was a little challenging. But we should only have water/laundry to do at future marina visits, which might make them slightly less stressful.

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