Updating the blog in Baiona

We are currently moored at a marina in Baiona, our first marina since La Coruna just over two weeks ago, having spent the intervening period anchoring or mooring around the Ria’s between the two. The next week doesn’t look ideal for sailing, as the remnants of a Hurricane and series of Southerly winds look like they will get in the way. Actually, as I was typing this the wind started to get strong and consistent enough to have me pop outside to double-check none of our mooring ropes were in a position likely to chafe. A couple of times. Being in one place, in weather that won’t be ideal for taking the kids out, means we will have time to get some jobs done on the boat and, perhaps, to get the blog up to date.

I have changed the format of the website so that our front page now shows a map of where we have been linking through to a page about each location we have stopped, as well as a couple of passages on which we have taken photos or written something. For the locations in England and France which we visited, we didn’t write anything I am afraid (or what is written is so horribly unfinished that we’ll never get around to completing it), so we have just compiled a few photos and shared those! Charlotte is going through each of them adding her brief recollections, mainly for us as a record of what we did.

For locations on the South side of Biscay, which will appear soon afterwards, we have at least jotted a few notes about our time there: some of this is navigational information, some a sort of travel journal. Locations of anchorages and moorings are reasonably precise, taken from our GPS – they are not exactly where we ‘dropped’ anchor, but are within the swinging circle. These, along with photos, will be uploaded over the next few days.

From here on, the “blog” link in the top bar will be reserved for things which are not location-specific. Most of what we do write will be tied to our time in a particular place, and so appear on the map. Hopefully this will be simple and quick enough for us to get around to updating it fairly regularly.

More widely – our plans have not changed markedly since we have started, although we are now keen on doing everything a little more slowly. We are heading South for now, and making up our destinations as we go along, juggling several alternate plans. I’ll likely write something about what we are thinking of doing next, and why, in a few weeks’ time.

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