10th to 12th August 2017

Charlestown was our first anchorage close enough to a village to make a visit. Whilst Dave did some jobs onboard, I took the boys ashore in the dinghy to explore. The beach and cliffs were stunning, with little waterfalls and caves, and beautiful rock formations. The historical port was also very picturesque, and is often used as a television location.

We primarily went into the village to visit the Shipwreck, Rescue ad Heritage Centre,  at Arthur’s request (maybe an odd choice for a child who lives on a boat!)- this was an excellent museum with a lot of local history, and many maritime artifacts and examples of changes over time in maritime technology, for example life-boats and diving equipment. Unfortunately, Theo necessitated that we cut our visit short (he couldn’t touch or interact with the exhibits), but Arthur really enjoyed learning about the different shipwrecks and examining the items salvaged from them, and would have stayed much longer.

There were some very appealing cafes in the village, which we didn’t try for meals, though we did buy some sweet snacks from a cafe to take back to the boat to share with Dave. Charlestown is somewhere I would have liked to have had longer to explore- though obviously very touristy, it was peaceful and the surrounding countryside looked like it would have been good for walking.

Below a few photos we took.

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