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Author: David Beck


8th to 10th August 2017

As we were still getting to grips with sailing at this point (and intending to write “proper blog posts”, whatever they may be) we wrote little about our time here. Likewise, locations are approximate guesstimates made using google maps – any sailors who read this, please don’t use the co-ordinates in your GPS.

Dartmouth is just beautiful. Entering the river we saw remains of old fortifications, and the surrounding countryside is stunning. The visitor ‘floating pontoons’ were perfect for our needs for a few days, only a short dinghy or river taxi ride from the town itself, but at enough distance to really enjoy the tranquility of the river location. In the town was a good balance of high street and independent shops (meaning enough of the former to not have to travel further afield, but the majority were the latter!), most of which were housed in buildings of unusual and varied architectural styles. The park by the town centre was very pretty and a nice area to walk in itself, and a short walk away from town along the river took us past a communal sensory/vegetable garden, which Theo loved, and then to an excellent playing field and playground with a small cafe. Ideally we would have stayed longer, giving us chance to explore the area better, and the local beaches, which were a little far for us to walk with the kids, and I would definitely recommend Dartmouth for a visit.

Below a few photos we took.

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