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“Getting Ready”

Why no posts, you ask? Well, we have been a little busy trying to get things ready for us to go sailing. Of course, “getting ready” to go sailing, from a more standard job-and-house life, has nothing to do with sailing at all. Instead, it means writing handover documents for the wonderful Dr Rebecca Stone, who will be covering my role through my career break at work, starting to sell/give away some of our ‘stuff’, and above all getting the house in a condition where we are happy selling it. And given our home has been a project of seven years, bought at auction with a leak in the roof, a bathroom accessed through the third bedroom, and a former railway-line turned inert waste tip as a garden – getting it to the point we are happy to sell involves some work. Not just to achieve a “fair value”, but also because it’s a project we want to see through to something we can look at and smile.

So, with a few days’ help from each of our mum’s, we have nearly satisfied our urge to finish the project/house, and at the same time made it look nice “for the next people” (as Arthur says). Below a few photos to show what we have been up to. The bits we have left to do on the house should be complete, I say hopefully, within a fortnight – apart from the garden, which will still be mostly mud for a few weeks yet (and leave us with the problem of watering newly seeded grass, while we are sailing).

I will admit to being, very unusually for me, a little stressed about the timescale now. Primarily because while Mistoffelees is perfectly fit to sail, she’s not as well equipped as we would like: no watermaker, fridge that needs replacing for our needs, no bimini, mainsheet arrangement that will be problematic with kids in the cockpit, and various other things. The funds for those changes and additions are due to come from the house sale, which now is VERY unlikely to happen before we leave, so we will be equipping-while-sailing.

But anyway, things we have done over the past couple of months:


That’s about all. I will try to think/write about some sailing-related things over the next few weeks, or at least update people on the not-sailing things that are happening! Partly because people have been asking for updates, and partly to get into the habit of blogging.

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